23 Dec 2014

Partner Financial Christmas Close 2014

The Partner Financial offices will be closed from 24 December to 2 January. We look forward to speaking with you again in 2015!

17 Jun 2014

Insight & Analysis Report: Salary Trends

Continuing with our insight and analysis discussions, Josh Edmunds’ latest article for GAAPweb is now available to view on their website. His most recent instalment assesses current salary trends within the financial market, and highlights reasons for optimism both from a permanent and interim perspective.

With the latest inflation figures for May at 1.5% – the sixth consecutive month that inflation has been below the Bank of England’s 2% target – and salary rates embracing  current market sentiment, remuneration packages for H2 2014 are predicated to increase further.

To view the article please click here. For any further insight, or simply to have a discussion on any matters concerning potential job opportunities, please get in touch with Josh Edmunds via email or on +44 (0) 20 3178 4996.

06 Jun 2014

Insight and Analysis Article

Partner Financial’s Josh Edmunds latest market insight article for GAAPweb is now available on their website. This months instalment assesses current market activity, and offers advice as how to best embrace its buoyant nature.

As we move in to the second half of 2014, we have found that the number of mandates, particularly on an interim basis, has kept pace with the encouraging noises coming from within the financial market.

To view this article please click through here. For further information on hiring trends or to discuss career development within finance and accountancy please contact one of the team at Partner Financial on +44 (0) 203 178 4996.

02 May 2014

New Office Address

We are pleased to announce that we have completed our office move. As of Monday 28th April 2014 our office address is as follows: Partner Financial 23 Hanover Square London W1S 1JP All other details will remain the same including our main switchboard number which is 0203 178 4996.

If we can be of further assistance please feel free to contact the team at Partner Financial, we hope to welcome you to our new offices during 2014.

26 Mar 2014

How Not To Write A Personal Profile

There are many positives to take from the current resurgent market, but an increase in competition is not one of them. With an increase in the number of mandates in Q1 of this year, the opportunities are available, but the talent pool has also become more concentrated.

This market buoyancy is in a direct correlation with an increase in the number of candidates that apply for jobs. In the light of this heightened competition, when it comes to screening profiles, you need to make your CV as market ready as possible.

With this in mind, please have a look at a brief article compiled by consultants at Partner Financial that offers some advice and insight into how best to prepare the personal profile of your CV – which can be viewed on the Insight pages of this website.

If you would like to have further discussions on matters relating to this article, or simply want to talk about potential career opportunities, then feel free to get in contact with Suzy Hamlyn on +44 (0) 203 178 4996.

05 Mar 2014

New Insight Report

Partner Financial’s quarterly assessment of the interim/contract market is now available, and can be viewed on the Insight pages of this website.

This latest instalment surveys the optimism surrounding this area of the market which has seen a resurgence in line with buoyant economic developments.

The report was compiled in relation with both the latest financial data, and Partner Financial’s own market activity conclusions drawn up by one of our interim specialists, Suzy Hamlyn.

For any further insight, or simply to have a discussion on any matters concerning potential interim job opportunities, please get in touch with Suzy on +44 (0)203 178 4996.


26 Feb 2014

Practice or In-house?

Thinking about a move from Practice to In-house accountancy? Our latest GAAPweb article, written by Josh Edmunds, offers insight and advice in to this significant career development decision.

In this latest career advice instalment, Josh emphasises the fact that a practical and rational approach is essential when making this all important choice.

To view Josh’s article please click through here, and feel free to leave any comments or add feedback: http://blog.gaapweb.com/the_gaapweb_blog/2014/02/moving-from-private-practice-to-in-house.html

For any further insight, or simply to have a discussion on any matters concerning potential job opportunities, please get in touch with Josh Edmunds via email or on +44 (0) 20 3178 4996.

12 Feb 2014

Business Expectations for 2014

With 2014 already well under way, Partner Financial’s Josh Edmunds gives his views on how market trends are expected to pan out this year. In his latest GAAPweb report, Josh emphasises that the signs are positive and business is picking up in terms of hiring patterns within the finance market.

With the help of the latest market data, the report surveys the growing confidence within senior Financial Management, and that this year will be a period of extensive business expansion.

Please feel free to have a look at the report here, or if you would like to contact Josh to discuss potential opportunities please contact him via email or call +44 (0) 20 3178 4996.

05 Feb 2014

Advice On Starting A New Interim Assignment

2014 has hit the ground running, and already we have seen an interim mandate resurgence, in fitting with the general market buoyancy. With this in mind, if you are considering a move yourself within the interim sector – or have recently commenced a temporary assignment – we have assembled some ‘top tips’ on how best to approach the first week of your new interim position.

This report can be found on the Insight pages of this website. Feel free to get in touch regarding any aspects of the report, or if you would like to discuss interim mandates with us then please get in contact with either Sean Crawford or Suzy Hamlyn, our specialist interim consultants, on +44 (0)20 3178 4996.

17 Jan 2014

New Insight Report

Our latest monthly Insight and Analysis report is now available, and can be view on the Insight pages of this website.

The January trend survey reviews the market optimism taken from a buoyant 2013, and assesses how this momentum is expected to be carried into this year.

Partner Financial believe that 2014 will be a year of opportunities and expansion, and with this in mind we have already seen a sharp rise in both interim and permanent finance mandates.

If you wish to discuss any of these topics further, or would simply like to have a conversation on any matters concerning potential job opportunities, please get in touch with Josh Edmunds via email or on +44 (0) 20 3178 4996.

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