Knowledge represents a key cornerstone of success within the finance community.  Here, we share elements of Partner Financial’s insight into a diverse range of core issues around successful career management and issues facing the wider finance community.

Trend surveys and Insight Reports

Partner Financial prepares regular Trend Surveys and Insight Reports for dissemination amongst its client and candidate network. Collated below are recent reports reflecting perspectives encountered by Partner Financial’s Associates and Partners in the course of extensive client partnership work.

Thought Leadership

Partner Financial works with Finance Business Leaders to produce Thought Leadership publications on a regular basis. Arising from day-to-day business conversations, these publications are prepared and distributed in partnership with executives at the cutting edge of the business community to provide guidance and a viewpoint on key business issues.

The partner financial finance director forum

The Finance Director Forum was introduced in late-2014 as a means to broach discussion between Finance Directors and Chief Financial Officers across the breadth of industry and commerce.

The Finance Director Forum is focussed on generating debate and providing genuine talking points as well as offering a vision on critical industry issued from true commercial leaders at the heart of the business world.

If you are interested in participating in the next Partner Financial Finance Director Forum, please contact Partner Financial on +44 (0) 20 3178 4996 or

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