Almost half of the candidates placed into a permanent role are promoted internally on two or more occasions.

Since inception, Partner Financial has successfully delivered 100% of retained mandates

Of Partner Financial’s permanent placements, 94% are still in their role 12 months from commencement

Three-Quarters of candidates placed in a permanent role achieve an internal promotion

Permanent selection

Partner Financial’s exceptional success rate in permanent selection exercises and retained mandates makes it the standout performer amongst its competitors.

Through Partners and Associates with industry-leading knowledge backed up by a leading, dedicated research function, Partner Financial has consistently delivered results which make it a stand out performer.

Partner Financial works in close partnership with clients to deliver the best results for both immediate and longer-term business requirements. Gaining cultural and technical insight into clients is a first step through which Partner Financial delivers a precise, focussed and targeted selection campaign.

Confidential search

The delivery-influenced nature of Partner Financial’s client service perfectly positions its Partners to provide a confidential recruitment offering.

With extensive expertise in delivering mandates in absolute confidence, Partner Financial is able to offer sensitive selection procedures and provides discrete, off-site facilities for private and confidential interviews for clients.

Partner Financial’s appreciation of the confidentiality required at the upper end of the market ensures it is well-placed to deliver dynamic, flexible and carefully managed mandates which ensure confidentiality does not impinge on the quality of the available executive.

International coverage

On a global scale, Partner Financial is a trusted advisor both to UK businesses looking to source financial leadership in new and established worldwide markets and to international companies seeking to identify high calibre finance talent in the UK.

Since 2011, Partner Financial has developed a particular specialism in working with US and Global businesses in the delivery of senior executive mandates within their UK, European and ASIAPAC regions.


Brand representation

Partner Financial is proud of its own brand and is passionate about sharing its clients’ brands positively within the wider market.

Partner Financial’s work throughout the selection process retains a significant focus on ensuring that all candidates, including those that prove unsuccessful, are provided with a service that leaves a positive representation of the client’s brand.

In all activity, Partner Financial enables businesses to maximise their brand impact amongst the senior finance community through positive representation and provision of genuine business insight throughout the selection process.

Strategic partners

Partner Financial adds value in its work outside of the recruitment cycle by working in strategic partnership with new and existing clients throughout the entire business life cycle.

Succession Planning

Partner Financial works extensively with clients looking to enhance succession planning strategies or further develop existing internal succession pipeline.

Having worked with businesses at all stages of the corporate life cycle and across diverse industry sectors, Partner Financial offers significant experience of benchmarking existing internal talent, identifying potential talent threats or succession gaps and of managing search campaigns to identify and secure future Board talent.

Retention and Reward Strategies

Partner Financial’s selection success is reinforced by its work with clients on Talent Retention Strategies. Given the value of knowledge capital, a well-defined and effective methodology for retaining top-performing internal talent is crucial for leading businesses.

Partner Financial works with clients to identify effective steps to ensure that top talent within an organisation is developed, retained and committed to building an internal legacy.

With experience across multiple sectors and with clients ranging from start-ups to leading FTSE100 constituents, Partner Financial is ideally positioned to benchmark remuneration and reward across a business Finance community taking into consideration the numerous and diverse factors which encompass effective executive compensation packages.

This can be undertaken on both a case-by-case basis or from an organisation perspective and is frequently utilised for newly-created positions.

Diversity and women on boards

Partner Financial is committed to supporting diversity in the workplace across all measurable metrics and an early adopter of guidelines on balanced gender representation at Board level.

As an organisation, Partner Financial is supportive of the findings of the Davies Report and other corporate literature relating to female representation at Board level – as a result, Partner Financial is firmly committed to ensuring that all Board executive shortlists have both male and female representation.

Partner Financial has been a long-term advocate of supporting the development of female executives within the finance community. Since the point that Partner Financial’s first CFO mandate, in 2007, went to a female executive, Partner Financial has committed to female executive representation in all Board and C-Suite mandates to the extent that 95% of its retained mandate shortlists have had female representation.

Partner Financial works with businesses to support the identification and development of internal female executives with Board level potential and to secure external talent where gaps may be perceived. Building a focus on the female executive talent pool has intrinsic benefits to commercial organisations which Partner Financial is committed to bringing through when considering both current and future Board leaders.

Partner Financial also works with current female Board executives and with women whose career path is developing towards Board level in order to provide guidance, strategy and advice on successfully managing this critical career move.

HR and PSL Partnerships

Partner Financial acts as the extension of the internal specialist function that works to support businesses’ finance communities.

Given the increasingly critical role played by Human Resources and Internal Recruitment Professionals in the corporate arena, Partner Financial recognises the importance of operating as a partner to professionals within this sphere.

The level of expertise and in-depth, cross-industry knowledge held by Partner Financial’s Associates and Partners ensures that in working with internal functions, Partner Financial’s selection exercises are tailored to deliver a quality-focussed service that exceeds expectation and stands out from competitors in the industry.

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